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Worst Foot Forward

Apr 29, 2022

To celebrate us reaching an arbitrary, but also pretty impressive milestone, Ben and Barry find out absolutely everything about the number 250. 

The trivia tunnels take them to Chinese slang, numerology, Fermat's last theorem and a cracking rabbinical anecdote.

Keep listening for another 250 episodes if you're a big fan...

Apr 27, 2022

* We're now on Instagram! @worstfoot *

It's the big birthday, the day of days, let the jubilation commence! Worst Foot Forward's 250th Episode arrives in all its rag-glads, dressed down to the ones and ready to party like it's 1499. Ben and Barry share all sorts of facts and stories about birthdays, celebrations,...

Apr 24, 2022

* We're now on Instagram! *

It's the week of our 250th show and we've planned a bumper celebration period for you! Coming up on Wednesday you'll get the 250th episode itself with lots of special appearances by past guests, facts sent in by you lot and some party trivia from Barry and...

Apr 18, 2022

Roll up your sleeves, wiggle your fingers thaumaturgically and make sure your magical staff is fully charged as we uncover the worst wizards in history and fiction. 

Joined by children's author and Norse god wrangler Louie Stowell we rate a parade of the usual suspects from Gandalf to Potter, discover wizarding...

Apr 11, 2022


*sound of spinning propellers followed by the clanging of a disintegrating engine*

We're joined this week by star of West End musical hit Operation Mincemeat David Cumming to talk about the world's worst marvelous men in the their flying machines. We discover why animals make terrible pilots (other than...