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Worst Foot Forward

Dec 30, 2019

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Ho ho ho! Happy "that time of year again when the old year dies and the new one rises from its ashes"! But this time we're also changing decades. For those of you who find this much change far too scary, we've got some good ol' fashioned nostalgia to keep you grounded. Ben and Barry, with help from some of their dutiful Twitter followers, have been digging out some of their favourite moments from Worst Foot Forward in 2019 and here they are in all their glory. Savour again delights such as a chorus of vaginas, the invasion of Sark by a single Frenchman, how Joan Rivers changed Cally Beaton's life, the saint who suckles at a deer's teet and the maddest ten minutes of your life as we lose our minds over toad sex. Thanks to all of you for listening in 2019, here's to a new year as silly as the last clearly was!

These crimes against podcasting were aided and abetted by: Dan Muggleton, Ari Eldjarn, Sara Pettit, Johnny ChiodiniSteve Gribbin, Jacob Hawley, Andrew Somerville, Andrew Gruen, Tom Hall, Alasdair Beckett-KingCally Beaton, Rob Mulholland, Sooz Kempner, Katie Pritchard, Angus Dunican, Keir Shiels and Alexander Bennett.

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