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Worst Foot Forward

Dec 28, 2020

Let's be honest folks: The words 'best' and '2020' are unlikely to appear in many sentences together. What a weird 12 months it's been. But hope springs eternal, and we're hoping for better things in the new year. Meanwhile, there were some bright points in 2020 for us at Worst Foot Forward, including our first live show, our first live stream and Ben's second baby! Along the way we were haunted by the ghost of Francis Bacon's frozen chicken, went on a round-the-world cruise with the Flat Earth Society, binge-watched Nollywood movies and adopted two geese called Norbert and Beep-Beep. Thanks to you all for listening, thanks to our many guests, and especially thanks to those who appear on this bumper compilation episode: Joseph Cullen, Terry Victor, Vicki Pipe, David Atherton, Bethany Black, Dr. Lucy Rogers, Jack Blackburn, James Shakeshaft, Delea Shand, Ola The Comedian, Ashraf Ejjbair, Lucy Jane Atkinson, Dom Nicholls, Seb Falk, Eleanor Morton, Mufseen Miah, Katy Schutte, Steve Cross, Nick Pettigrew, Juliet Meyers, Lee Kyle, Susan E. Connolly, Dr. Anna Ploszajski, Roann McCloskey and Joel Morris. Here's to 2021! Oh, and 2020? Go fuck yourself!

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