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Worst Foot Forward

Aug 18, 2018

Pull up a chair and prepare for some world class arguments, trivia and brutal no-holds-barred capitalism as Ben and Barry present their first ever Patreon exclusive. We promised that when we got to 10 Patreon donors we'd do special episode and here it is. We revisited the world's worst board game - Monopoly - with former guest Paul Flannery and played a game so you guys never have to again. On the way we journeyed through all of the destinations on the London board and uncovered the worst stories possible in all of the locations, including kinky Czech classical musicians, brutal East End gangsters, bear-baiting, Boudicea's grave and how MI5 used Free Parking to win the war. We didn't want to subject you to the full experience of over two hours of Monopoly gameplay, so consider this an edited highlights reel. Let us know what you thought of the special on our Twitter @WorstFoot or via email on If you enjoyed this show and would like us to make more Patreon Specials, then head to and pledge to support the show from as little as $2/month. When we hit 25 donors we'll crack out an extra show each month where we will go even more in depth about previous show winners and reveal even more daft stories of heroic, farcical and often bloody failure. Follow us on Twitter: @bazmcstay @benvandervelde @piratemoustache